Co-op FSIs

Where Cents-Off Makes Sense

Co-op FSIs

Co-op FSI are cooperative on-page packages that are inserted into newspapers nationwide. FSI is an acronym for Free Standing Insert. This means that the entire cooperative package is then carried by the newspaper as a stand-alone insert. These packages are driven by Consumer Packaged Goods clients offering cents off" coupons for redemption in the grocery store. As the drivers, CPG clients cover the bulk of the cost of the package allowing for aggressive Direct Response pricing to fill in the gaps in pagination.  

For on-page execution Co-op FSIs can be purchased by geography, and bought down to the form level. A form is a grouping of newspapers serving a specific concentrated region.  

While the Co-op FSIs are generally considered on-page or print opportunities, they are also a very effective distribution channel for inserts. When purchasing Co-op FSIs as an insert channel, it is possible to further refine the geography to the newspaper level.    

Publication Count: 2
Volume: 132,488,000

Co-op FSIs Media Opportunities

Media Scan for News America Co-op FSI
News America Co-op FSI
Circulation: 72,041,000
Media Scan for Valassis Co-op FSI
Valassis Co-op FSI
Circulation: 60,447,000