Farm Bureaus

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Farm Bureaus

Farm Bureau Publications are membership based distributions that are by their nature rural. There are typically two varieties of farm bureau pubs: Those mailed to farmers, and those mailed to members not directly related to advertisers.
These are full color glossy magazines that are direct mailed to a name list of members. 

Publication Count: 27
Volume: 3,256,494

Farm Bureaus Media Opportunities

Media Scan for Tennessee Home & Farm
Tennessee Home & Farm
Circulation: 650,000
Media Scan for My Indiana Home
My Indiana Home
Circulation: 250,000
Media Scan for Arkansas Front Porch
Arkansas Front Porch
Circulation: 200,000
Media Scan for Mississippi Farm Country
Mississippi Farm Country
Circulation: 195,000
Media Scan for Louisiana Farm Bureau News
Louisiana Farm Bureau News
Circulation: 160,000
Media Scan for Florida Agriculture
Florida Agriculture
Circulation: 136,000
Media Scan for Missouri Show Me
Missouri Show Me
Circulation: 130,000
Media Scan for Kansas Living
Kansas Living
Circulation: 111,000
Media Scan for Virginia Cultivate
Virginia Cultivate
Circulation: 90,000
Media Scan for Tennessee Farm Bureau News
Tennessee Farm Bureau News
Circulation: 90,000
Media Scan for Iowa Spokesman
Iowa Spokesman
Circulation: 85,888
Media Scan for Illinois Farm Week
Illinois Farm Week
Circulation: 75,000
Media Scan for Nebraska Living
Nebraska Living
Circulation: 61,000
Media Scan for Positively Pennsylvania
Positively Pennsylvania
Circulation: 41,000
Media Scan for Georgia Farm Bureau News
Georgia Farm Bureau News
Circulation: 40,000
Media Scan for Virginia Farm Bureau News
Virginia Farm Bureau News
Circulation: 35,000
Media Scan for Arkansas Agriculture
Arkansas Agriculture
Circulation: 35,000
Media Scan for New York Grassroots
New York Grassroots
Circulation: 25,000
Media Scan for Wisconsin Rural Route
Wisconsin Rural Route
Circulation: 24,000
Media Scan for Country Focus
Country Focus
Circulation: 22,000
Media Scan for Wyoming Agriculture
Wyoming Agriculture
Circulation: 14,606
Media Scan for Utah Farm Bureau News
Utah Farm Bureau News
Circulation: 7,000