Reach Them While They Are Engaged


The consumer magazine category encompasses a large variety of demographically and geographically targeted profiles. Both subscription and rack sale publications have proven to be successful for ecommerce brands. By defining who your target audience is, you can select the perfect profile match. Opportunities exist to reach magazine readers though multiple format including: on-page, bind-ins, and poly-bagged inserts.

Publication Count: 124
Volume: 13,577,700

Magazines Media Opportunities

Media Scan for Country Living Magazine
Country Living Magazine
Circulation: 1,375,000
Media Scan for Field and Stream Magazine
Field and Stream Magazine
Circulation: 750,000
Media Scan for Progressive Farmer
Progressive Farmer
Circulation: 500,000
Media Scan for Outdoor Life
Outdoor Life
Circulation: 500,000
Media Scan for Garden & Gun
Garden & Gun
Circulation: 400,000
Media Scan for Guns & Ammo Magazine
Guns & Ammo Magazine
Circulation: 377,584
Media Scan for Mother Earth News
Mother Earth News
Circulation: 375,000
Media Scan for Farm Journal
Farm Journal
Circulation: 345,055
Media Scan for Game & Fish
Game & Fish
Circulation: 323,000
Media Scan for Book of the AK47
Book of the AK47
Circulation: 294,000
Media Scan for Book of the AR-15
Book of the AR-15
Circulation: 290,000
Media Scan for Guns & Ammo Annual
Guns & Ammo Annual
Circulation: 290,000
Media Scan for Combat Arms - G&A
Combat Arms - G&A
Circulation: 290,000
Media Scan for Bassin'
Circulation: 220,000
Media Scan for Farm & Ranch Living Magazine
Farm & Ranch Living Magazine
Circulation: 200,000
Media Scan for Survivor's Edge
Survivor's Edge
Circulation: 175,000
Media Scan for American Survival Guide
American Survival Guide
Circulation: 170,000
Media Scan for Petersen's Hunting
Petersen's Hunting
Circulation: 165,000
Media Scan for World of Firepower
World of Firepower
Circulation: 162,000
Media Scan for Shooting Times
Shooting Times
Circulation: 160,000
Media Scan for Wheels Afield
Wheels Afield
Circulation: 160,000
Media Scan for Drovers
Circulation: 158,979
Media Scan for The Fisherman
The Fisherman
Circulation: 156,790
Media Scan for Grit Magazine
Grit Magazine
Circulation: 154,000
Media Scan for Heroes of WWII
Heroes of WWII
Circulation: 150,000
Media Scan for Modern Pioneer
Modern Pioneer
Circulation: 147,000
Media Scan for Hobby Farms
Hobby Farms
Circulation: 140,000
Media Scan for Handloader
Circulation: 135,000
Media Scan for The Cattle Connection
The Cattle Connection
Circulation: 128,009
Media Scan for Salt Water Sportsman
Salt Water Sportsman
Circulation: 125,000
Media Scan for Top Producer
Top Producer
Circulation: 123,273
Media Scan for G & A Handguns
G & A Handguns
Circulation: 121,263
Media Scan for Cabela's Outfitter Journal
Cabela's Outfitter Journal
Circulation: 120,000
Media Scan for North American Whitetail
North American Whitetail
Circulation: 110,000
Media Scan for Petersen's Bowhunting
Petersen's Bowhunting
Circulation: 110,000
Media Scan for Shotgun Sports
Shotgun Sports
Circulation: 106,000
Media Scan for Tactical World
Tactical World
Circulation: 105,200
Media Scan for Home Defender
Home Defender
Circulation: 105,000
Media Scan for Bass Times
Bass Times
Circulation: 100,000
Media Scan for American Cowboy
American Cowboy
Circulation: 98,856
Media Scan for Fur-Fish-Game
Circulation: 95,000
Media Scan for American Shooting Journal
American Shooting Journal
Circulation: 90,000
Media Scan for Texas Fish & Game
Texas Fish & Game
Circulation: 90,000
Media Scan for Suppressor
Circulation: 90,000