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Newspapers are one of the most essential parts of a print media plan. There are multiple ways to touch your audience through newspaper, but the most basic of those are either through ROP (Run of Press) which is an on-page advertisement in the newspaper, or through inserts.

Because newspaper circulation generally develops to support local distribution, there is a unique opportunity to buy very refined geography within a nationally "scalable" channel.

Newspapers fall into subcategories with behavior benefits in each;

National Press  - non-local

Major Market Subscription Papers - Paper of Record

Community Newspapers - Weeklies

Neighborhood Newspapers - Free Community Distribution

Free Entertainment Newspapers - Take Ones

Testing to performance for free versus paid, national versus local, home delivered versus rack distributed all help refine the categories performance for your offer. Within each segment of the channel the scale of newspaper distribution is sizable.

Publication Count: 429
Volume: 8,792,144

Newspapers Media Opportunities

Media Scan for Detroit News & Free Press
Detroit News & Free Press
Circulation: 437,660
Media Scan for Columbus Dispatch
Columbus Dispatch
Circulation: 293,750
Media Scan for Wichita Eagle
Wichita Eagle
Circulation: 136,208
Media Scan for Louisville Courier-Journal
Louisville Courier-Journal
Circulation: 135,091
Media Scan for Raleigh News & Observer
Raleigh News & Observer
Circulation: 100,395
Media Scan for Memphis Commercial-Appeal
Memphis Commercial-Appeal
Circulation: 89,357
Media Scan for Winston-Salem Journal
Winston-Salem Journal
Circulation: 83,694
Media Scan for Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Circulation: 79,180
Media Scan for Erie Times-News
Erie Times-News
Circulation: 76,707
Media Scan for Savannah Morning News
Savannah Morning News
Circulation: 71,928
Media Scan for Lansing State Journal
Lansing State Journal
Circulation: 71,635
Media Scan for Peoria Journal-Star
Peoria Journal-Star
Circulation: 69,998
Media Scan for Charleston Gazette-Mail
Charleston Gazette-Mail
Circulation: 68,940
Media Scan for Bellingham Herald
Bellingham Herald
Circulation: 68,510
Media Scan for Tallahassee Democrat
Tallahassee Democrat
Circulation: 66,911
Media Scan for Columbus Ledger Enquirer
Columbus Ledger Enquirer
Circulation: 65,015
Media Scan for Augusta Chronicle
Augusta Chronicle
Circulation: 62,653
Media Scan for Senior Perspective
Senior Perspective
Circulation: 62,600
Media Scan for Fayetteville Observer Times
Fayetteville Observer Times
Circulation: 62,541
Media Scan for Ann Arbor Observer
Ann Arbor Observer
Circulation: 60,000
Media Scan for Naples Daily News
Naples Daily News
Circulation: 59,079
Media Scan for Wisconsin Outdoor News
Wisconsin Outdoor News
Circulation: 57,943
Media Scan for Reading Eagle
Reading Eagle
Circulation: 56,966
Media Scan for Billings Gazette
Billings Gazette
Circulation: 56,842
Media Scan for Norfolk Virginian Pilot
Norfolk Virginian Pilot
Circulation: 53,469
Media Scan for Villages Daily Sun
Villages Daily Sun
Circulation: 52,807
Media Scan for Minnesota Outdoor News
Minnesota Outdoor News
Circulation: 52,278
Media Scan for Western Outdoor News
Western Outdoor News
Circulation: 50,000
Media Scan for Lubbock Avalanche Journal
Lubbock Avalanche Journal
Circulation: 49,220
Media Scan for Bloomington Pantagraph
Bloomington Pantagraph
Circulation: 48,050
Media Scan for Lafayette Daily Advertiser
Lafayette Daily Advertiser
Circulation: 47,633
Media Scan for Atlantic City Weekly
Atlantic City Weekly
Circulation: 47,346
Media Scan for Kingsport Times News
Kingsport Times News
Circulation: 46,936
Media Scan for Champaign News-Gazette
Champaign News-Gazette
Circulation: 46,856
Media Scan for Rochester Post Bulletin
Rochester Post Bulletin
Circulation: 44,083
Media Scan for Morristown Citizen Tribune
Morristown Citizen Tribune
Circulation: 43,000
Media Scan for Great Falls Tribune
Great Falls Tribune
Circulation: 42,786
Media Scan for Monroe News Star
Monroe News Star
Circulation: 41,747
Media Scan for Yakima Herald Republic
Yakima Herald Republic
Circulation: 40,814