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What is happening in New York is not what is happening in Columbus, Ohio or Laredo Texas. Regional Magazines focus content on local content, regional specialties and the goings on of a specific market. Within the regional magazine category there are subsets for Bridal, Home, Senior, Hunting and Society. The very specific nature of these publications makes them ideal for advertisers with a fixed footprint and demographic specificity.

Publication Count: 14
Volume: 423,379

Magazines - Regional Media Opportunities

Media Scan for Florida Sportsman
Florida Sportsman
Circulation: 78,000
Media Scan for Georgia Outdoor News
Georgia Outdoor News
Circulation: 42,000
Media Scan for Hometown Value Guide
Hometown Value Guide
Circulation: 40,000
Media Scan for New York Outdoor News
New York Outdoor News
Circulation: 33,950
Media Scan for NEBRASKAland
Circulation: 25,000
Media Scan for Mississippi Sportsman
Mississippi Sportsman
Circulation: 10,215