Shared Mail

Tandem Distribution Through the USPS

Shared Mail

Shared Mail programs are built with 2 components; a wrap and inserts. A wrap is a 4 page jacket that builds an area for inserts to be placed, thus creating a shared mail vehicle. Shared Mail programs carry retail and direct response advertisers, targeting geographical locations throughout the US. The circulation for the Shared Mail category in the US exceeds 100 million unique households monthly.  Much of the category circulation is available on a weekly basis. Shared Mail can be bought at very low costs, grouping that with high frequecy and scalability can work as effectively, if not better, than solo mail. 

Publication Count: 4
Volume: 27,766,560

Shared Mail Media Opportunities

Media Scan for MSpark
Circulation: 24,650,000
Media Scan for National Mail-It
National Mail-It
Circulation: 2,601,560
Media Scan for Family Shopper Deals
Family Shopper Deals
Circulation: 265,000
Media Scan for Target Direct of NH and VT
Target Direct of NH and VT
Circulation: 250,000