Trade Publications

Maximize Efficiency in Your Vertical Target

Trade Publications

Trade publications target unique verticals. Identifying a specific industry in our B2B efforts can eliminate unnecessary waste in your media planning. Because trade publications speak to very defined audiences, circulations tend to be low and CPMs high. Including your message in a publication specifically targeted to an industry vertical, and designing the message to speak to that vertical allows advertisers to ensure resonance of the offer with the business target. 

Publication Count: 6
Volume: 442,574

Trade Publications Media Opportunities

Media Scan for Agri-View Wisconsin
Agri-View Wisconsin
Circulation: 31,959
Media Scan for Shooting Industry
Shooting Industry
Circulation: 19,952
Media Scan for Fishing Tackle Retailer
Fishing Tackle Retailer
Circulation: 17,069
Media Scan for Shooting Sports Retailer
Shooting Sports Retailer
Circulation: 16,124
Media Scan for Tactical Retailer
Tactical Retailer
Circulation: 15,982