The Horsey Set


Riding is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Ask any equestrian, and they will tell you there is no choice in riding, the need becomes part of your character. Equestrian sports costly, so participation requires significant disposable income. The link between riding, equestrian sports and the luxury lifestyle is not a mistake. 

Advertisers with luxury brands, both endemic and non-endemic find an upscale audience in the equestrian target.

Publication Count: 3
Volume: 124,939
Average Age: 53
Average HHI: 97,000
Average Female: 52%

Equestrian Media Opportunities

American Cowboy
Circulation: 98,856
Category: Magazines
Dover Saddlery
Circulation: 22,000
Category: Package Inserts
FarmTek and Growers Supply PIP
Circulation: 4,083
Category: Package Inserts