Trains and Railroads

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Train Enthusiasts

Railroads and trains evoke an emotional response in a tight target audience. Don't suppose that the audience is universal, it is even more dedicated within the category. Steam-driven and Electric engines have different characteristics, and different followers Just designating "Trains", even though to the normal eye sees very tight, may not be enough.

Publication Count: 6
Volume: 948,300
Average Age: 52
Average HHI: 83,333
Average Female: 30%

Train Enthusiasts Media Opportunities

Capper's Farmer
Circulation: 42,500
Category: Magazines
Farm & Ranch Living Magazine
Circulation: 200,000
Category: Magazines
Farm Collector
Circulation: 33,800
Category: Magazines
Gas Engine Magazine
Circulation: 18,000
Category: Magazines
Grit Magazine
Circulation: 154,000
Category: Magazines
Progressive Farmer
Circulation: 500,000
Category: Magazines